Daniel Castro

Writer, Director, Producer

Daniel Castro is a writer and director of Colombian and Filipino descent, born and raised in South Florida. As a disabled filmmaker, Daniel is driven to make films that have something important to say about society and help provide a voice to marginalized individuals. He has written and directed five short narrative films including four as a student of the School of Entertainment & Design Technology at Miami Dade College. This documentary is his first ever documentary and the fifth project he has directed at MDC. Daniel will be graduating in April 2022 with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Film, TV and Digital Production.

Ariadna Saenz


Ariadna Saenz is a Producer and Graphic Designer of Nicaraguan descent who was born and raised in Miami. She has produced various films and podcasts including The Blue and White in Me Podcast which gives those within the disabled community a place to share their stories. She hopes to continue to produce and design content that is looking to make a difference in today's society. Ariadna graduated in Spring 2021 from the School of Entertainment & Design Technology at Miami Dade College with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Film, TV, and Digital Production.

Christopher Galvan

Director of Photography

Coming from Argentina, Christopher Galvan is a passionate director of photography working on his first documentary aiding Daniel in developing the artistic vision of the documentary. The Blue and White in Me is their second collaboration together. They both have a particular creative approach that works very well together. It a priority for them to support and trust each other’s artistic vision and perspective. Christopher has worked on many artistic concept videos for local independent dancers and music videos for various emerging urban artists. He also has experience as a camera operator for interviews for PulsoPop, an Instagram media’s news outlet for urban artists. In support of the artistic scene in Miami, Chris continues to work with local talent to perfect his craft.

Jose Castro

Camera Operator, Grip, Gaffer

Jose Castro is the father of Daniel Castro. He has acted in two short films Daniel has written and directed and makes one heck of a PA. Due to the covid 19 pandemic and Daniel opting to not risk his health, having a crew on set was not possible. Jose stepped up for his son and helped keep the project on track by shooting the film.

Shawn Lepley


Shawn Lepley is an aspiring editor from Missouri. Lepley has been fascinated with behind-the-scenes work that goes into putting movies onto screen. His passion extends from editing to sound design, color correction, and even Foley production.

First discovering his passion in his early teens, Lepley began to learn as much as he could throughout the latter half of his upbringing as he was self-taught in industry standard software. He later expanded his knowledge and experiences with the help of college-level courses as a student of the School of Entertainment & Design Technology at Miami Dade College. Shawn now has broad experience in all aspects of production and loves and insists on being part of the team that "puts it all together".

Kairo Lavoe

Sound Engineer

Kairo Lavoe is an artist/producer/sound engineer from Miami of Puerto Rican/Colombian background, which definitely shows in his brand, Forever Tranquilo, and his music as he uses cultural anecdotes and spanglish. He’s been making music for some years now and has recently taken a dive into sound for film. Utilizing techniques he acquired graduating from SAE Institute such as voiceovers, dubbing, creating theme music, and more, he looks forward to bringing something new to the sound for film space.